Every household needs a hygienic and clean water supply 24 hours, but they confuse which durable and long-lasting water tank. Hence here is the comparison between plastic tanks is more preferable than stainless steel tanks:-

  • Plastic tanks are significantly weightless

If we compare plastic and steel tanks, plastic tanks are more lightweight than stainless steel ones. You can shift from one place to another efficiently without anyone. One of the most significant advantages of plastic tanks is that your home is in a hilly or height area, you can easily fit the plastic tank on your property. Our 3 Layer Water Tank also are very light in weight.

  • Wide range of variety

Plastic tanks have a more comprehensive range of variety of shapes and sizes. Plastic tanks come under rounded shape, slim line-shaped, oval-shaped, but stainless steel tanks come under a coned roof. You may find changes in the diameter of steel tanks but not different shapes and sizes. Our 4 layer water tank is the best and famous around India.

  • Easy to fit

There is no headache in positioning the plastic tanks as these are fitted on a flat surface and rough surfaces. But in the case of stainless steel tanks, the user must prepare significantly before the tank is installed in the house as the steel tank contains steel rings, and the base must be concrete to avoid rust in steel tanks.

  • Better fit in landscape position

As we are aware, plastic tanks come in different colors, and the tanks are used in rural and urban areas. Hence, it is better fitted in landscape positions than stainless steel tanks. Stainless tanks have come in one color only, which is steel.

  • Plastic tanks won’t rust.

The first and foremost advantage of plastic tanks is that they won’t rust as they are made up of UV inhibitors to protect from sunlight rays. The plastic tank is long-lasting and doesn’t need to be replaced over time. At the same time, steel tanks affect rust quickly.

  • Better quality

According to a recent study, stainless steel contains zinc wall, which is not suitable for human health and affect the taste of water which is very harmful to drink and bath. At the same time, plastic tanks are manufactured from polyethene plastic which is 100% real and pure and good for health purposes. Many good quality plastic tanks are passed through a few stages of production in the factory. There are a lot of inspections in various factories while preparing a water tank as it is for the future purpose of all human beings. Every tank contains a grade to identify this product.

  • Best durability

An excellent example of the durability of plastic tanks is fire extinguishers use plastic tanks to fire in significant buildings from their trucks as the tanks are very lightweight than steel tanks and 90% stronger than steel tanks. And the approval to use plastic tanks in fire extinguishers by the national fire protection association is a perfect thing.

  • Easy to clean plastic tanks

The plastic tanks are enormous, and the tanks are straightforward to clean from the brush by putting them inside the tank. Users can also use bleach powder to clean the tank quickly. Instead, it is pretty challenging to clean the tank in stainless steel tanks.

  • Price factor

Plastic tanks are very cheap and available in different shapes, sizes, and colours, while stainless steel tanks are very costly and come only in one form and are available only in steel colour.

  • Useful for many things

There is a variety of plastic tanks for food or grain storage, for storing water, for farming of fish, for chemical storage, functional for fire extinguishers to reach new buildings, etc. In contrast, stainless steel tanks are used for only water storage.


  • Fire extinguisher
  • Electroplating plastic tanks
  • Pharmaceutical plastic tanks
  • Sewer truck plastic tanks
  • Degreasing plastic tanks
  • Food processing tanks
  • Farming of fish 



This particular material prevents weather, chemicals and abrasion. The durability is increased by using this material as it contains ultraviolet ray protection, an additional layer in plastic. The colour of polyethene is white and yellow base, and it is made up of thermoplastic.


This material is very best for the underground tank and above-ground applications since they are corrosion resistant and waterproof. This material doesn’t contain any chemicals or any duplicity.


This is the essential material used to prepare plastic tanks as it is another form of thermoplastic. The material has a very low density, making the plastic significantly lighter than steel tanks. The material prevents the high resistant temperature of sunlight and no chance of rust.


Overall plastic tanks are pretty good and best for a country like India, and stainless steel tanks are pretty heavy, and there is a chance of rust, so 90% of people prefer plastic tanks over stainless steel tanks. If you are looking for the best water tank around, you can visit Agarwal water tank, a trustable water tank supplier near you.

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