Which water tank is best in India?

Finding the right product with good material can be hard for many people out there. Here at AGARWAL WATER TANKS, we ensure the best quality products. The reason why we are the best WATER TANKS supplier and manufacturer is that we prioritize quality over quantity and provide you with the product that is best suited for you. The team of AGARWAL WATER TANKS separates the company from any other company in the field of our work. Being one of South India’s leading water storage tank manufacturers, we have been awarded a business award for ” Best water tank brand in south India”.

Our determined and never-giving-up team always shines and remains one step ahead of everybody. We would not be here without them. Creative ideas are always welcomed at our workplace.


We started this beautiful journey back in 2000 and now with an experience of almost 21 years, we have grown our company to a new height. Looking back from where we started and the hard work that we have put in in the past years has laid a strong foundation for us today so that we do not lose our balance in the future. Because of the hard work that our ancestors have done we stand strong today.

We started this company with a dream to provide the best quality WATER TANKS to our customers all over India at an affordable price. We wanted to make water-saving affordable for everybody. We aim to provide safe drinking water to every household.


  • Checking the manufacturing material.

There are several types of plastics available in the market and when it comes to water tanks you have to go with the high-quality low linear density polyethylene (LLDPE) material. They are much safer and durable.

  • Checking the number of layers.

Water storage comes in different layers and each layer has a purpose and protects the tank from outside climatic effects. A good water storage tank has antibacterial layers that provide UV protection.

  • Other things to look out for.

Some other additional features like threaded lids give protection from outside dust and dirt.

Also, make sure the tank saves energy. Many tanks come with advanced technologies which save a lot of money in the future.

  • Checking the warranty time.

One of the best ways to trust the product is to check its warranty period. It also gives the benefit to repair the damage in the future by the company manufacturing the product.

If a product does not come with a warranty period, know that it cannot be trusted at all.

  • Affordability.

This is an important thing to consider while investing in water storage tanks because you are not going to buy a tank like you buy clothes or daily essential items. Always compare the prices with other products available in the market and then make a wise decision.


You will get a wide range of variety in our WATER TANKS. Our water tanks are not only for domestic purposes but, we install water tanks of every kind and for every purpose.

We have multipurpose Water Tanks that can be used for the following purpose

1-Household water storage

2- Farming methods

3- Industrial solutions

4- Architects and Engineers and many more

We provide water tanks of different shapes, sizes, and colors that will go along with the pattern and building design of your houses and for whichever purpose you want.

Following are the varieties of Water Tanks that we sell at AGARWAL WATER TANKS-

  • 3 Layered water tanks that come with a 10 years warranty along with ISO 9001 certification. These tanks come in different sizes that are 1000 Liter, 750 Liter, and 500 Liter.
  • 4 Layered water tanks come with a 10 years warranty along with ISO 9001 certification.
  • 5 Layered water tanks come with a 10 years warranty ISO 9001 certification.
  • One of our specialties is our LOFT TANKS- These tanks are best for storage in tight spaces. These tanks are used for interior buildings. These tanks offer supplemental water supplies. These are made up of High-density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Linear Low- Density Polyethylene (LLDPE). These water tanks prevent corrosion which ensures safe drinking water and hygiene.

These tanks are available from the size of 100 Liter to 2000 Liter.

  • Underground Water Storage Tanks- These are in general tanks that are installed underground according to a customer’s requirement and demands. This is a method of storage that comes with a lot of benefits, some of them are-

-Airtight threaded cover.

-The installation process is quick.

-Corrosion-free, hence hygienic and safe.

-Require less maintenance, hence cost-effective.

-Ensure a long life.

-Great strength.

-Patented Design.


With every project we complete, we acquire the credibility and trust of our beloved customers. we would not be here without your support and the positive feedback that you have given us since the day we built this foundation. With every customer comes a big responsibility ensuring their satisfaction.