How many times should we clean a water tank in a year?

Water tanks installed on the outdoor has to be kept clean. It’s not needed to clean every month, but you should always keep an eye on the tank at least once in three months. Another important thing about the storage water tank is high-quality products with premium protection keep the dirt away from the storage area. If you purchase from the Agarwal Water Tank supplier, you’ll get the chance to use the premium model tanks that remains clean for 3 to 6 months. We’re water tank suppliers and manufacturers in India who offer all types of storage tanks with multi-layer protection. In case you’re in a plan to buy a new tank or replace the existing one, call us anytime to book your water tank.

The cleaning period varies from place to place. If you’re already located in a highly polluted area, you should hire cleaning services once every three months. We recommend our buyers clean the rood gutters every 3 or 6 months for health and safety reasons. Bugs and leaf litter might be seen around the inside areas of the storage water tanks, so keep your eye on the mozzie mesh. 3 Layer Water Tank cleaning helps minimize the pump damage, increases the lifespan of the water filters, reduces the damage possibilities in household taps, and more. Our water tanks are durable and long-lasting, so cleaning has made you use our water tanks for decades.

Choose our Agarwal water tank service unit to know more.

At the Agarwal water tank manufacturing unit, we give our buyers the ideas to clean the storage water tanks after purchase. We know how to instruct and teach our buyers about the cleaning process. When you clean the storage tank, drain out the existing water first. Then send some inside the water tank, and ask to clean the walls of the storage tank with the brushes. Try to clean the three-layer water tank walls using caustic soda or soap solutions. 

Once you complete the cleaning process in the walls, you can find some water not drained from the tank. You can’t remove it using the water outlet, so to drain this out, use the cotton cloth. Cotton cloth or rug helps you soak the dirty water quickly. If your storage water tank is age-old and walls are already broken, don’t waste your time cleaning. Get the Best Water Tank 1000 ltr Price from us, and install it to use without any leakage issues in the future.

We have a production unit that manufactures the Overhead Tank in Hyderabad with its anti-bacterial properties. Typically, many people have to buy anti-bacterial spray over the walls. But upon purchasing the storage water tanks from our service unit, you can clean with the simple cotton cloth and leave it as it is. If needed, you can use the mechanical scrubbers for advanced cleaning. Make sure you’re not using any chemicals in your drinking water storage rank at any cost.

If you have already installed a large litre water storage tank in your commercial building, you can’t clean with laborers or use the Do It Yourself method. In such cases, use the UV ray’s treatment to clean the inside area of the storage tank. Upon hiring the cleaning services, you will get a high-power lamp that uses UV rays and beams hung around the tank region and give you the disinfected tank at the end. The light entirely handles this method, and no human intervention is needed here.

Precautions during storage water tank cleaning

  • If you find any tank leakage when cleaning, try to fix it or purchase a new tank. A leakage in a tank for years can develop many health diseases due to the development of algae through it. Get the 4 Layer Water Tank price from us, and replace your old tank.

  • Dirty water coming out from the water tank might flood your roof. To avoid this, try to use any rainwater pipes and drain them off. A de-watering pump also comes in handy in this case.

  • If water is not coming through the pipes after the cleaning process is over, inform the cleaning services unit and immediately fix them. Deposits flowing through the pipes can cause this problem, so you must address and resolve it directly.

  • If a storage water tank is kept uncleaned for many years, check whether it is worthy enough to clean or not. The awful odor starts to mix with the water and causes serious illness. Instead of spending time with the old tanks, hire the best water tank supplier like us, and re-install with a new one.

I hope you got enough information about the water tank and its cleaning practices. If you have already purchased a water tank from us, and finding more information about the cleaning, call us now. We’re ready to help all our valuable customers with a happy face.

What Are the Factors That Affect Water Tank Prices and Availability?

Based on the demand in the market, the storage water tank is developing from time to time. If you go 20 years back and check the storage water tank models, you will see only a few designs and structures. But these are not the same now. Many water tank suppliers and manufacturers are available to help customers. Best water tank supplier has developed their production house to meet the clients’ requirements and deliver the water tanks with 3 and 4 protective layers. We’re an Agarwal water tank supplier who manufactures and sells the best quality storage tank. We provide the water tanks to your doorstep no matter where you’re located in India.

Agarwal water tank uses the inbuilt technology to help customers get long-lasting storage water tanks. We have changed our manufacturing mode drastically over the years, and we give the Best Water Tank 1000 ltr Price for all. You don’t have to worry about the price and availability of the storage water tanks. Our dedicated team at Agarwal water Tank always keeps customer satisfaction in mind to buy your favorite model storage water tank from us at an unbeaten cost. We are the reputed sellers and manufacturers for the 3 Layer Water Tank and four-layered storage tanks for the past 20 years. 

Factors affecting business and how Agarwal service units help

A warehouse unit with massive space and heavy machinery for storage tank production always keep stock in their hand. In India, we are one such manufacturer that continuously manufactures overhead tanks in Hyderabad all day. Our production unit works 24*7 to ensure all the customers are getting the product delivered to their doorstep on time. Our water tank supplier unit has never used the word no to the clients, and that’s why our existing clients are kept ordering the storage water tanks from us. We offer water tanks with sizes 300, 500, 700, 1000, 1500, 2000, and more to fulfill your household needs. Also, if you’re interested to know the 4 Layer Water Tank price, call us today and get the free quote now.

The price of the storage tank varies based on the customer’s needs. Also, if raw materials price increase in the market, the price range of the storage water tank also increases. That’s why we at Agarwal water tank supplier unit always offer discounts for our products. Also, if the price of the raw materials used in the production house goes down, we immediately reduce the cost of the storage water tanks. We’re very proud of our services, and we never charge an extra amount for the delivery and manufacturing works.

Why we are the best to buy your storage water tank


  • We’re certified Agarwal water tank manufacturers in Hyderabad, working with the massive workforce in our production house. Our company reputation in the market will tell you why people keep hiring us for commercial and residential needs. We have never delayed any service delivery in our 20+ years of service.
  • Toxin-free plastic material is used in our production house to manufacture the 3 Layer Water tank and four-layered tanks. For residential and commercial buildings with offices, drinking water must be toxin-free, so we use only toxin-free materials for all storage water tanks.
  • We know the importance of stopping algae growth in storage water tanks. We are the best water tank supplier in India offer you 3 Layer water tanks to protect your water tanks from algae, bacteria, and other spreads. Our dark-colored tanks do not let the sunlight get in, so choose our overhead water tank in Hyderabad to stop microbes from growing.
  • Water tanks found in cylindrical shapes are traditional model ones, and we at the Agarwal water tank manufacturing unit developed the new figures, including container shapes and conical tanks. Large tanks, Industrial tanks, insulated tanks, customized water tanks, and more are manufactured based on the customer’s needs. You can’t find a better production unit for the water tank purchase in India, so we’re the best to shake your hands today.

Benefits with our water tank services

  • We offer a free quote for all the clients. If a customer wants to know the price to compare the pricing with other sellers, we give a quote to decide the purchase. We believe in transparent business, and that’s why hiring us makes you complete the company dealing pretty quickly.
  • We listen to the customer all day. You can schedule a call with our support staff to know more about the water tanks and other services, and we’ll help you in one call to know everything about our services.
  • Customer satisfaction is our prime goal. Agarwal water tank supplier unit takes every suggestion from the customer side. We know customers are the king in our business, and you can expect premium-level delivery every time.
  • We don’t compromise on our quality. All our raw materials are imported from the top manufacturers, so you’ll get a durable and long-lasting water tank for storage needs.

Our production unit consists of many big-size storage tanks for residential and commercial needs, so all your search to find the top manufacturing team ends here.

Why Plastic tanks are Preferred over Stainless Steel Tanks?

Every household needs a hygienic and clean water supply 24 hours, but they confuse which durable and long-lasting water tank. Hence here is the comparison between plastic tanks is more preferable than stainless steel tanks:-

  • Plastic tanks are significantly weightless

If we compare plastic and steel tanks, plastic tanks are more lightweight than stainless steel ones. You can shift from one place to another efficiently without anyone. One of the most significant advantages of plastic tanks is that your home is in a hilly or height area, you can easily fit the plastic tank on your property. Our 3 Layer Water Tank also are very light in weight.

  • Wide range of variety

Plastic tanks have a more comprehensive range of variety of shapes and sizes. Plastic tanks come under rounded shape, slim line-shaped, oval-shaped, but stainless steel tanks come under a coned roof. You may find changes in the diameter of steel tanks but not different shapes and sizes. Our 4 layer water tank is the best and famous around India.

  • Easy to fit

There is no headache in positioning the plastic tanks as these are fitted on a flat surface and rough surfaces. But in the case of stainless steel tanks, the user must prepare significantly before the tank is installed in the house as the steel tank contains steel rings, and the base must be concrete to avoid rust in steel tanks.

  • Better fit in landscape position

As we are aware, plastic tanks come in different colors, and the tanks are used in rural and urban areas. Hence, it is better fitted in landscape positions than stainless steel tanks. Stainless tanks have come in one color only, which is steel.

  • Plastic tanks won’t rust.

The first and foremost advantage of plastic tanks is that they won’t rust as they are made up of UV inhibitors to protect from sunlight rays. The plastic tank is long-lasting and doesn’t need to be replaced over time. At the same time, steel tanks affect rust quickly.

  • Better quality

According to a recent study, stainless steel contains zinc wall, which is not suitable for human health and affect the taste of water which is very harmful to drink and bath. At the same time, plastic tanks are manufactured from polyethene plastic which is 100% real and pure and good for health purposes. Many good quality plastic tanks are passed through a few stages of production in the factory. There are a lot of inspections in various factories while preparing a water tank as it is for the future purpose of all human beings. Every tank contains a grade to identify this product.

  • Best durability

An excellent example of the durability of plastic tanks is fire extinguishers use plastic tanks to fire in significant buildings from their trucks as the tanks are very lightweight than steel tanks and 90% stronger than steel tanks. And the approval to use plastic tanks in fire extinguishers by the national fire protection association is a perfect thing.

  • Easy to clean plastic tanks

The plastic tanks are enormous, and the tanks are straightforward to clean from the brush by putting them inside the tank. Users can also use bleach powder to clean the tank quickly. Instead, it is pretty challenging to clean the tank in stainless steel tanks.

  • Price factor

Plastic tanks are very cheap and available in different shapes, sizes, and colours, while stainless steel tanks are very costly and come only in one form and are available only in steel colour.

  • Useful for many things

There is a variety of plastic tanks for food or grain storage, for storing water, for farming of fish, for chemical storage, functional for fire extinguishers to reach new buildings, etc. In contrast, stainless steel tanks are used for only water storage.


  • Fire extinguisher
  • Electroplating plastic tanks
  • Pharmaceutical plastic tanks
  • Sewer truck plastic tanks
  • Degreasing plastic tanks
  • Food processing tanks
  • Farming of fish 



This particular material prevents weather, chemicals and abrasion. The durability is increased by using this material as it contains ultraviolet ray protection, an additional layer in plastic. The colour of polyethene is white and yellow base, and it is made up of thermoplastic.


This material is very best for the underground tank and above-ground applications since they are corrosion resistant and waterproof. This material doesn’t contain any chemicals or any duplicity.


This is the essential material used to prepare plastic tanks as it is another form of thermoplastic. The material has a very low density, making the plastic significantly lighter than steel tanks. The material prevents the high resistant temperature of sunlight and no chance of rust.


Overall plastic tanks are pretty good and best for a country like India, and stainless steel tanks are pretty heavy, and there is a chance of rust, so 90% of people prefer plastic tanks over stainless steel tanks. If you are looking for the best water tank around, you can visit Agarwal water tank, a trustable water tank supplier near you.

Agrawal Water Tank: Investment for a long time

The need for a water tank is standard in every house because we all need to store some water. The water Tank is always helpful because there is no fixed time when the water connection gets lost. That’s why we should have the best quality water tank at our home so that the inconveniences can be strictly avoided. 

Agrawal Water Tank is a famous water tank supplier that will help users fulfil their water tank needs. We always believe in delivering the best quality water tanks to get satisfied and call us whenever they need anything. We are the best water tank supplier in India who is only motivated to deliver the best quality that can serve for a long time. 

The best thing about our Water Tanks is that it is made up of virgin plastic material that will help to keep the drinking water clean and hygienic. We are dealing in different types of water tanks that can fulfil every demand of our customers. 

Our 3 Layer Water Tank will be available to all the users at an affordable price without compromising the quality of the product. We are a growing industry, and that’s why we are looking for different opportunities to improve our position in the market by satisfying customers’ needs. 

Use of Water Tanks

There are many uses of a water tank, and that’s why it can be a good choice for every place. If you are not aware of the benefits of water tanks, then let us know more about it –

# Watering the Garden

A Water Tank will be beneficial to water the garden so that you don’t have to rely on anything. Holding water in the tank is reasonably necessary to grow your plants and vegetables, and it will be a good option for you to keep your garden as green as possible. The size of the water tank depends on your need. 

# Washing Clothes

Having a water tank will also help wash clothes quickly. Cloth washing for the whole house requires a lot of water, and a water tank can be beneficial for you to hold a good amount of water. Apart from that, you can also use Agrawal Water Tank for outdoor cleaning, which requires more water.  

# Emergency Use

Water Tanks will also be helpful in emergencies. An emergency can arise anytime, and if there is some fire, then a water tank will be beneficial. If there is a small fire, then a fire extinguisher is a good choice, but a water tank can play a life saviour role for you if there is a large fire. 

# Drinking WaterThe primary use of a water tank is to store enough amount of drinking water in a water tank. Agrawal Water Tank provides 4 layer water tank price affordably, and it will be an excellent option to store the drinking water in 4 Layer Water Tank. It can be the best option for the people living far from the area where they have to collect water regularly.

Why should you choose us?

We have been in this field for many years, and we know very well how to satisfy our customers by providing the best quality products. Apart from that, we provide the best overhead tank in Hyderabad, and there are many other reasons why users should choose us. Let us know about it. 

  • We are dealing only in  ISO certified products so that the quality cannot be compromised. Our products are first tested with the quality standards, and only then will they come to the market. The products rejected will get out of the list because customer satisfaction is our priority.
  • We have had the best and experienced team working in this field for many years. Still, if you find any issues with our product, our after-sales service will work for you and provide you service until you get complete satisfaction. 
  • We have a vast range of water tanks with different, and that’s why we are giving the best water tank 1000 ltr price in India. Manufacturing in bulk benefits us in reducing the cost of water tanks, which will indirectly help our customers. 
  • We always value our customer’s time and deliver our products within time. We have a big team working with us, and that’s why we never get late in supplying our products. 

So these are the main reasons you should choose us while having a water tank. We want to provide the safest drinking water. A water tank with more layers can satisfy you every time, and hygiene is maintained. 

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